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March 7th 2007 - Countdown

hello ladies and gentleman! I proudly present my one-and-only BIG-diary... :-)

I hope you enjoy my impressions and images. Any comments, any questions? Please, write me. I would love to hear from you whereever you are or I will be...

short facts:

BIG got a new face! It´s totally old-shool, but the most beautifull colour you can imagine. Outside cool - inside even better! see pictures

Time´s running fast - me and Pierre we´ll start living in the car with end of march!!

Countdown: 21 days left!

Right now we´re giving away all we have left and don´t need in BIG. Our neighbors have lot´s of fun with us - ´cause we´re just leaving our stuff in the corridor with a big sign that we are taking bounties, too (leave it in our mailbox, please...)!

I´m pretty happy and relaxed with the fact to live in a car in three weeks. That means pure camping-romantic! I have no sorrows at all - the opposite is the truth.

The next adventure is buying a laptop and the delivery of two brandnew mattress! Hell ya, it took us month to order something new for our stressed backbone!! But the end is near - and a sleep on clouds guaranteed... yes!

Any more wishes? Well, not yet - ask me later...

stay tuned! nina

7.3.07 09:48

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